I am so grateful to be chosen and led to the World Race missions trip, and to be serving the Kingdom of God we all look forward to, in this great way. I can’t do this alone, however. I need a strong community of support that will bolster my mission in a variety of much-needed ways.

The first and most important way any of you can help me is through prayer. As I prepare to leave for this trip, and also when I am gone, I will need a team of people who support me by praying with heartfelt care for what I am doing. Pray that I stay disciplined in everything I do on the trip and that I am effective when I go and make disciples, both in action, and in speech. Pray for my safety, and for the Holy Spirit to work within me as I embark in what God has called me to do.

The second way you can support me is through financially contributing to my trip. In order to go on the World Race, I must raise a total of $16,900 to cover medical insurance, travel expenses, contributions to the local ministry, the World Race staff, and meals. Going on the World Race is not free, and because the fundraising requirement is one of my greatest stressors this summer, pray that I would trust the Lord to provide, as I know He will if going on this trip is truly His will in my life. To support me financially, please visit my fundraising page at https://adventuresinmissions.servicereef.com/events/adventures-in-missions-3/2023-world-race-gap-year-route-2/participants/eastonwerling04

The third way you can support me is by introducing me and my mission to a group of people in your community, such as a church or Bible study. If they happen to be open to me giving a brief presentation about the World Race and my needs, it would be an incredible opportunity for me and the World Race. If you have a group of people that would be open to me giving a brief presentation, please contact me!

However else you choose to support me, a way by which everybody can support me is by subscribing to this blog and staying in contact with me about my trip, while providing prayer and advice for preparation or fundraising over this summer before I leave.

I hope some of my readers feel the call to get involved in what I’ll be doing this year. I appreciate your support!