Hey everyone!

The weeks are flying by, but also in slow motion at the same time. I cannot believe we have almost hit the halfway point. It’s hard to find the words to describe these past two weeks but all I can say is that God is so good and He deserves all the glory.

The ministry we are working with, Hope, is something that I am so thankful to be apart of. The people over the organization are some of the most incredible people I have ever met and serve the community so well. During these past few weeks, we have continued to teach English lessons to the kids, have VBS with them, get schooled in soccer, go on house visits & outreach in the community, and so much more! This week we also got to help with another ministry that puts on a breakfast for the homeless, drunk, and needy. That morning, I saw Jesus in the most beautiful way through the table full of broken people. His presence was right there in that room. And on our off day, walking through Antigua, we met 3 girls who just wanted a picture, but one of the ended up getting reconciled to Christ.  Rejoicing over the little things in life that mean big things to the Kingdom.

I wanted to share a little about the vision of Hope and the Guatemalan community we are serving in. Something unexpected when I first got here was that a lot of the Guatemalans and Americans in ministry down here have a heart for the Middle Eastern countries. There is a program here called Hineni where they are training Guatemalans to be missionaries in the Middle East. The thought behind it is that in a lot of unreached nations, it is very hard for white Americans to go under the radar. So by mobilizing and training Guatemalans, they will be able to be sent to nations that some Americans could never go to. I got to meet and listen to a word from a full time missionary who has lived in Turkey for 3 years this week and I got to see full circle the heart behind the missions programs we are working with. The people who started Hope ministry have a huge heart for the Middle East and pray that one day, the kids in the program will be sent to the nations to preach the gospel. This vision moves my heart and inspires me every day to pour into these kids.

Another way that God has really been moving is through our “ATL” days. This stands for ‘ask the Lord’ and basically we split into groups and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us wherever He wants us to go. This past Thursday during ATL, my group ended up down this street in a nearby area when a lady opened her door and just invited us in. Sitting in her living room, she explained that her 3 grandchildren live with her because their parents left. She said she makes about 20 Qs per day at her store which is equivalent to about $3. She was angry with the Lord for a lot of reasons. My team got to minister to her and I felt the urge to sit with the kids. The little girl who was 9 years old and the boy who was 12. The girl reminded me so much of my little sister and I felt God give me a verse to tell them, but I didn’t know it in Spanish so I just highlighted it in the little boys Bible. Psalm 27:10. Then with the very little Spanish I know, I talked with the two about how God is our Father and that He sent us to come share the word with them. I ended up giving Jenny, the little girl, my bracelet and praying for them. At the end, we all prayed over their family, their parents who left, and the grandmother. Her heart was still hardened to the Lord, but we were obedient and planted the seed. We will continue to pray over this family and hopefully visit them again. I will never forget the kids’ faces and the love I felt for them. 

It sounds cliché, but I think the people and ministry here are changing my life more than I am theirs. Truthfully, it is all just the Lord working through each of us and the His love going around. God is doing a work on my heart that I cannot even explain, but I am drawing nearer to Him each day.

Prayer request: Hope Ministry got robbed twice over the past two weeks, with a lot of valuable things stolen. They are heartbroken and praying for God to provide the finances to replace the stolen items, and also secure their base so it cannot be broken into again. Pray with us please and I will attach the link below if anyone feels lead to donate.


Thank you all so much for the continued love and support and prayers. I feel them and miss everyone so much <3

I pray that God moves in your life back home. Remember He is always working and you are so loved.